how to clean vape cover

How To Clean Vape: 6 Steps To Make It Brand New

Let me guess, how long have you not clean your vape? Three months? Half a year? Even longer? A good cleaning habit can make your vape last longer. But how to clean vape? This article will introduce you to how to do it, follow me and act together!

Disposable Vapes Brief History Cover

A Brief History of Disposable Vape

With the Vape from niche culture to the mass market, more and more Vape companies began to make an effort in the small cigarette market. Disposable Vape has become a trend for the masses. Today I will give you a comprehensive introduction to Disposable Vape.

Nicotine Calculator Cover

Nicotine Mixing Calculator

Having trouble mixing your own e-liquid? Don’t know what amount of nicotine to add into your base? Don’t worry! Let our Nicotine Calculator help you!

Switching From Tobacco To RELX: Everything You Need To Know | Vapepenzone

Switching From Tobacco To RELX: Everything You Need To Know

There already are many popular brands in Australia now, like RELX. But is it healthy enough? Will it work for you? Rather than saying there must be a reason for its popularity, I’m going to explain everything you need, for you to decide whether to switch from traditional cigarettes to RELX.

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