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Award-Winning Design – RELX Infinity was awarded the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award in March 2020 for its distinctive reinvention of the vape style. The declaration from the jury for RELX Infinity: ”Sophisticated technology, implemented in a slender language of form, contributes significantly to the practical value of this e-cigarette.”

RELX Infinity was perfected with 59 layout experiments and also endured testing on over 12,000 pods to guarantee leak-resistance as well as top quality requirements. RELX has sent license applications for over 53 innovations used in this device, including its leak-resistant design, RELX Pods Pro as well as the wireless charging instance. RELX Infinity Review & Pod Pro Flavours Guide

All facets of RELX Infinity were developed to supply a user-friendly experience, a Super Smooth mouthfeel, and also leak-resistant reliability. 1) RELX Infinity is smooth from start to finish every time you vape. This is enabled by two crucial RELX technologies in the unibody vape: the Active-steam Pro and Air Boost design. Active-steam Pro attains a constant vapor quantity and also high quality by proactively balancing and also regulating both atomizing power and temperature; while the aerodynamic Air Increase style creates negative pressure that presses the vapor up from the atomizer. 2) RELX Infinity additionally has an integrated SmartPace Alert system to enable you to vape moderately. If you take over 15 smokes within 15 minutes, the gadget will send a notice in the form of a slight vibration to notify you.

We also crafted the future generation of ceramic pods, RELX Pods Pro, to stand up to dripping with 11 architectural layers and assist avoid interior leakages by capturing any kind of condensation in the intelligent maze-like structure. Your vape pen will be ready every single time you need it without a mess to clean up. Whenever as well as nonetheless you travel, Infinity is equipped to stand up to the changes in stress.

RELX Infinity is an advanced accessory that stands for the most innovative generation of vaping innovation. We supply the genuine guarantee Infinity products, with its ingenious, next-generation modern technology to give you a trustworthy and fashionable substitute for cigarette smoking.

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