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RELX is a popular vaping brand with a unique product system. it includes:

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Relx Australia offers richer flavours and attractive vaping devices. Nicotine-free Compatible Pod For Relx also available. Vapepenzone also provides RELX in Australia. For more detail, visit Vapepenzone for more Relx coupons or discounts.

RELX Classic Starter Kits / Single Device

The Relx pack includes one Relx Vape Pen device, two 2mL prefilled Relx pods and a USB charger.

  • A triggered system is suitable for entry-level vaping.
  • Powered by a 350mAh integrated vape battery.
  • Suitable size of a starter kit. Fits any pocket and is best for on-the-go vaping.
  • 250-300 puffs on full power with billing time at about 45minutes

The Relx start kit works like this: When the pod is inserted into the Relx device, a pressure-sensitive system takes control with a sensitivity of 0.001 atm machine. The drip pointer has a duck costs shape for comfortability. Inside, the Relx pod makes use of a cutting-edge honeycomb-style ceramic heating element. Each Honeycomb is 0.01 mm in dimension. Double silicone rings are also included to avoid juice leak.

20 Options Of RELX Pod Flavours

  • Each pod has about 650 puffs.
  • RELX pods also function with over 20 tasty flavours.
  • Nicotine free Relx pod is also available.
  • Magnetic connection ensure pod firmly attaches to the starter kit

If you like smooth, subtle pen tools for on-the-go vaping, the Relx vape – the Juul alternative(Juul vs Relx, which one should you choose?) is your perfect selection. With our RELX Compatible pods and Relx refillable pods, you have the liberty to select your much-loved nic salts and flavours.

Accessories For RELX

We also offer accessories for Relx to our customers. If you want to beautify your Relx device or protect your Relx pods, don’t hesitate to view more.

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Showing all 13 results

Showing all 13 results

Customer Reviews Of RELX Products

13 hours ago
(Returned Customer)

Value and flavours well worth it

13 hours ago
(Returned Customer)

Still a go to flavour cola ice

19 hours ago
venkata akula
(Returned Customer)

very nice

2 days ago
(Returned Customer)

Love it , holds everything i need and not scrambling around my bag

3 days ago
(Returned Customer)

Very nice

4 days ago
(Returned Customer)
4 days ago
(Returned Customer)
5 days ago
Margaret C.
(Returned Customer)

Yummy flavours & speedy delivery

6 days ago
Daniel Marshall
(Returned Customer)
1 week ago
(Returned Customer)


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