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Did you manage to get a nicotine prescription? We can help you!

Under Australian law, vapers are required to possess a nicotine prescription from a registered medical practitione.

Although currently the ban on nicotine imports has been postponed, now facing the upcoming 2021, medical prescriptions are still an important document you will need to purchase pods in the future. Before customs delivers your vaping products to you, you may be required to show a prescription to the Australian Border Force.


More GPs are showing interest in being involved since vaping was approved by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in the latest version of the smoking cessation guidelines.

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) is to be commended for updating its previously cautious policy to reflect the growing evidence that vaping is an effective quitting aid and is far safer than smoking.


We believe that bringing countless people back to cigarettes is not what we want to see. There are now a number of GPs who are willing to prescribe nicotine by face to face, phone or video consultation so nicotine prescriptions are available Australia-wide.

  • Dr. Beaumont, Mentone VIC 
  • Dr. John Miller, Southport, QLD 
  • Dr. Deakin, Bondi Junction NSW (Require face-to-face appointments)
  • Dr. Karen, Port Macquarie NSW
  • Dr. Kosterich, Woodvale WA
  • Dr. Mendelsohn, Double Bay NSW
  • ……

Vapepenzone now can help you contact the registered doctors. If you happen to be troubled about how to get a prescription, we are willing to help you.  

If you need this service, please let me know how you go. Simply send us a message or mail us to get a start!

*Please note that it may incur costs to get a prescription. (Vapepenzone will not charge any additional fees.)

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