RELX 5th Gen the Phantom 2021 Review

2021 New RELX Pod Vape Launched: RELX 5th Gen the Phantom Review

RELX 5th Gen Pod Vape Specifications

  • Dimension: 112 × 23 × 10 mml
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.9 mL
  • Battery: 380 mAh
  • Charging Port: Type-C USB
  • Charging Time: 45 mins
  • Up to 400 puffs when fully charged
  • FEELM Ceramic Coil
  • Draw Activated
2021 New RELX Pod Vape Launched: RELX 5th Gen the Phantom Review | Vapepenzone
2021 New RELX Pod Vape Launched: RELX 5th Gen the Phantom Review | Vapepenzone

RELX 5th Gen Pod Vape Starter Kit Including

  • RELX Phantom Device × 1
  • Type-C USB Cable × 1
  • User Manual × 1

RELX 5th Gen Pod Vape Phantom Review


The new RELX Pod Vape Phantom looks almost the same to the RELX Infinity, with a smooth metallic layout that is so nice to touch. The size of the Phantom is very close to the Infinity Device since they’re both compatible with RELX Pods Pro. The pen-shaped vape look did not change a lot.

The most significant difference of the layout between RELX Phantom and RELX Infinity is the LED indicator. The Phantom’s LED indicators are four little horizontal bars, while RELX Infinity is a circled-dots shape.
You can see that RELX has put lots of thoughts into the LED lights – each of the four bars can be lit up individually, and also one bar stands for 25% of the battery, so that you can visually see just how much battery power there is in your 5th Gen RELX pod vape.

The only disadvantage is that to examine how much power is left in the stick, you have to take out the pod and pop it back in to check the power usage. I believe this move is not necessary and can be improved.

When vaping, the 4 LED indicators will be flashing white slowly; when the power has actually nearly run out, the LED indicators will blink red and stop to create vapor when you vape (meaning that there’s going to be no clouds when you vape).

2021 New RELX Pod Vape Launched: RELX 5th Gen the Phantom Review | Vapepenzone
2021 New RELX Pod Vape Launched: RELX 5th Gen the Phantom Review | Vapepenzone


User Experience

When it comes to battery, RELX Phantom and RELX Infinity both have a 380 mAh battery capacity. Generally, a fully charged Phantom can last 2 to 3 days without recharging. It clearly lasts longer than the Classic. Yet battery life is not much of an issue for me, given that it’s 2021 now, everybody charges their mobile devices at least once a day (I suppose, I do).

One more wonderful feature of the Infinity is retained on the Phantom. If you take more than 15 puffs within 15 mins, the device would vibrate once to notify you that you are breathing in too much nicotine. This is great for ex-smokers who are trying to quit smoking.

In order to stop the effects of leakage caused by atmospheric pressure modification, RELX has actually included a stress alleviation chamber in the Phantom device. This is a unique upgrade of RELX. If you travel by air a lot and you’re always bothered by liquid leakages, this brand-new feature of the Phantom would certainly be excellent for you.

RELX did a good job on RELX Phantom when it comes to user experience. And some little details like vibration alerts make me feel that they really do care.

Draw Experience

The draw is super loose compared to the Classic. The resistance of the Infinity is already low enough for a lot of ex-smokers. Yet with the Phantom, the draw is even looser … Personally, I’m not obsessed with tight draws, long as it’s not so loose that it feels like I’m just inhaling air with a straw. But the Phantom – feels extremely close to breathing in air with flavor.

I believe that most individuals that prefer pod vapes are ex-smokers who want a cigarette alternative to quit smoking, and also would prefer vapes with a tighter draw (at least I do). If you prefer a tight draw and want to feel the resistance when you vape, do not pick the Phantom, choose the RELX i or the Classic, just do not pick the Phantom.

About the coil, same old RELX ceramic coil, so the vapor feels much the same as the Infinity, still smooth.
I haven’t got lots of 5th Gen pods and since it’s compatible with RELX Pods Pro, I’m not going to do the pods review here and now.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the layout of the RELX 5th Gen the Phantom is smooth and high-end, it feels amazing to touch, and the weight is simply at the perfect threshold – not too light to feel cheap, and not too heavy to be inconvenient. The stick-shaped layout with 4 separated LED indicators, battery power monitoring, nicotine intake monitoring vibration alert and various other features that RELX Classic does not have, making the Phantom much more professional, more intimate, and more advanced.

The only drawback is the loose draw, which is too loose for the majority of RELXers, is likely to make the Phantom lose plenty of prospective users.

Lots of people online claiming that RELX is most likely to make the RELX 5th Gen the Phantom the replacement of RELX Classic vape which is the very first Gen Product of RELX. In my opinion, with the cost, the loose draw, and the number of pod flavors being considered, it’s still a little challenging for the Phantom to replace the Classic.

RELX 5th Gen Pod Vape the Phantom
2021 New RELX Pod Vape Launched: RELX 5th Gen the Phantom Review | Vapepenzone

So, what do you think about the new generation of RELX? Have you tried it? And do you enjoyed it? If you haven’t, would you consider purchasing it? Feel free to leave a comment down below to let me know what you think!

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  1. You keep comparing Phantom with the Classic. What about comparing to Infinity?

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