RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, Which One Should You Choose? | Vapepenzone

RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, Which One Should You Choose?

RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, What would be the difference?

There are a lot of friends noticed that RELX has launched a new series – RELX Infinity now. RELX Classic and RELX Infinity are at a similar price, and there is no significant difference in functionality. For example, the third generation of RELX – RELX i can be connected with the APP. However, RELX Classic and RELX Infinity both do not have similar features. So a lot of people wonder what’s the difference between the experience of them and which style should they prefer. In this page, we are going to talk to you about What would be the difference between them? And which one should you choose?

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The first thing to look at the package. The packaging details for the RELX Classic and RELX Infinity differ, but what comes with the starter kit & pod package is all the same. There are one device, two pods and a cable for charging in starter kit & pod pack, comes only the device and charger for the starter kit single device pack. However, the pod pack will be a little different, there are 3 pods in 1 RELX Classic pod pack but 1 pod in 1 RELX Infinity pod pack.

RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, Which One Should You Choose? | Vapepenzone
RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, Which One Should You Choose? | Vapepenzone


RELX Classic and RELX Infinity are at a similar price, RELX Infinity’s price is relatively higher.

Buy RELX in Australia (price in AUD):

RELX Classic: Single Device – $40, Pod Pack – $30/3 Pods

RELX Infinity: Single Device – $45, Pod Pack – $11/1 Pod


Finishing the package part, let’s take a look at the pod. There are 3 pods in RELX Classic pod pack, but RELX Infinity pods – RELX pod pro are sold individually. There is 2ml 3%/5% nicotine salt e-liquid in each pod, so in terms of the cost-effectiveness of the pods, they are actually not much different.

To say that the biggest difference should be the choice of taste. Since it is a released product, RELX Infinity currently only has 7 flavours on sale. Compared with the 20 flavours of RELX Classic,  there are much less unlimited choices, but there will definitely be more and more flavours in the future.

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RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, Which One Should You Choose? | Vapepenzone
RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, Which One Should You Choose? | Vapepenzone

Let’s talk about the functional differences between these two devices.

Firstly, the design. The design of RELX Classic is very old and uses split design. The charging port at the bottom is a flat version of android from many years ago. The light on the starter kit looks very dated. It’s a LED light in the shape of a drip.

And the design of RELX Infinity became an integrated design. The charging port at the bottom has also been updated to the current mainstream TypeC, including the LED light on the device is in the shape of the dotted ring. It looks more textured.

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RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity

RELX Classic: split design of starter kit, old charging port, drop-shaped LED

RELX Infinity: integrated body, charging port type-c, dotted ring LED

Secondly, the connection. When we put their pods in the device, you’ll notice that RELX Classic is without any reaction. While RELX Infinity will produce vibration, LED prompt light will light up to remind you that the pod and device have been connected.  

RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity

RELX Classic: without any reaction

RELX Infinity: produce vibration, LED light-up

Thirdly, the inhalation experience. The LED light of Classic and Infinity will both light up during vaping. But for the RELX Infinity, when you draw 15 puffs in a short amount of time, it will vibrate to remind you’ve finished vaping a cigarette, while RELX Classic is without this function.

RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity

RELX Classic: LED light-up

RELX Infinity: LED light up, vibrate

Fourthly, on the taste of pods. To be honest, RELX Infinity is obviously better than RELX Classic. The resistance of RELX Infinity will be greater than that of RELX Classic. You will feel the RELX Infinity will be better than RELX Classic. It’s not drawing air same as RELX Classic. And the throat hitting of RELX Infinity is stronger than RELX Classic. The taste of the reduction will be better than RELX Classic.

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RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity

RELX Classic: the resistance and the throat hitting is small, the taste of the pod is relatively weak

RELX Infinity: the resistance is more like real smoke, the throat hitting is moderate, and the taste of the pod is better

Fifthly, colours & flavours. The advantage of RELX Classic is that there are more options to choose. The flavours and colour of starter kit in the RELX Infinity are less than RELX Classic, but manufacturer has been updating their colours and flavours. And the RELX Infinity has two unique accessories, one is a small charging case, another is the business version of the charging.

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RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity

RELX Classic: 20 flavours, 11 colours including some gradients colour

RELX Infinity: 9 flavours, 5 colours, unique accessories

Lastly, design & leakage. For the pods of these two products, I have to talk about one more detail. For the pods of the RELX Infinity, its airway uses a labyrinth design, it can stop e-liquid leakage in the course of actual use. RELX Infinity of anti-leakage is indeed very good. And for RELX Classic, although in fact, its leakage is also very light, because of the original design, its airway is very straight. When many vapers used RELX Classic, they thought that e-liquid leakage of RELX Classic will more serious.

RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity

RELX Classic: vertical airway, relatively weak E-liquid leakage prevention

RELX Infinity: labyrinth airway, obvious E-liquid leakage prevention


If you are new to the RELX brand, or you are a beginner of vaping, you want to get rid of cigarettes, colour and taste are one of your biggest motivations. And the classic is the based one to help you start with RELX. Besides, for example, one colour can’t be found in the RELX Infinity and you like it very much. You may have taken a look, you end up thinking about it for a week and still think this colour is good. Then you can choose to buy it at home. Or there is an unpopular taste only RELX Classic has, you can’t forget it after you take a puff, this situation is the same as the colour above mentioned. You really want this flavour in the end, then you can go.

But if you are an experienced e-cigarette user, or you already own RELX Classic, I would recommend buying the RELX Infinity. As the Red Dot Winner 2020, the RELX Infinity has better design and inhalation experience better taste of pods.

At the end of this passage, we are pleased to apply a $5 discount for your patient reading. The RELX Infinity is available now, please click HERE to get the code and place your order in Vapepenzone! 

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