relx classic vs infinity cover

RELX Classic vs RELX Infinity, Which One Should You Choose?

RELX Classic vs Infinity are at a similar price, and there is no significant difference in functionality. So a lot of people wonder what’s the difference between the experience of them and which style should they prefer. In this page, we are going to talk to you about What would be the difference between them? And which one should you choose?

Puff Bar Plus Flavour: Which Is The Best-Tasting One?

Puff Bar Plus Flavour: Which Is The Best-Tasting One?

Puff Bar Plus Flavour become a hot topic on Google. Today, we will focus on Puff bar plus flavour. Of course, the best Puff Plus flavour is a subjective choice. Just as the old saying “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s. We hope this blog help you to choose your best Puff Plus flavour.

Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3 | Vapepenzone

Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3

Flavours have always been a topic of concern to Relxers. Since we released the Relx Pods Flavours Review Program, we are very happy that we have received a lot of customers’ comments on the Relx pods flavours. In addition to the above flavours, today we will take a look at your Relx pods flavours review on other flavours: icy Slush, Peach Oolong, Banana Smoothie, Energy Shot, Grape

Puff Bar Flavours Profile – Which Flavour Is Your Fav?

If you’re a follower of vape flavours, you could have been dissatisfied by the Trump administration’s vaping “flavour ban” that was passed earlier this year. You’ll be happy to recognize there’s actually no requirement to fret. You see, Puff bar flavours – more than 20 options to select from, as well as is not impacted by the preference restriction. This is one of the reasons that the Puff Bar has become so extremely preferred. Do you know what these so many flavours taste exactly like? In this blog, we will cover that – The Puff Bar flavours profile.

Puff Bar Disposable E-cigs Review | Vapepenzone

Puff Bar Disposable E-cigs Review

Puff Bar disposable e-cigs look to be a rising trend in the Australia vaping industry. These small devices are meant for single-use, and once the battery dies, or if it runs out of a liquid, you just threw out the entire device as a whole. The main selling point for these devices mainly pertains to the cost and simplicity.

Juul Compatible Pods Flavor Review | Vapepenzone

Juul Compatible Pods Flavor Review

With the Juul becoming extremely popular, other companies are producing cross-compatible items with the Juul. You’re now seeing things like charging adapter, compatible Juul pods and compatible Juul pods’ device. We’re going to be talking about the flavors of our Juul compatible pods. I’d show you guys some reviews(from our customers) of VaporCave Juul compatible pods from Vapepenzone Australia, which is perfectly compatible with Juul device. It is right here now

Uwell Caliburn - Vape Pens Winner in Australia | Vapepenzone

Uwell Caliburn – Vape Pens Winner in Australia

Uwell is now trying to jump into what seems like a little late in the Australia pod system game, I’ve been using the Uwell Caliburn for the past week, but I can assure you it’s definitely staying in my everyday essentials.

This is the Uwell Caliburn review.

Relx Flavours Reviews Part 2 | Vapepenzone

Relx Flavours Reviews Part 2

Last month we shared a blog about the taste sharing of Relx pods. If you have difficulty choosing the taste of Relx Pods, please click on the link to review it: Let’s Share Your Flavor Reviews of Relx Pods! The blog contains Mint, Blueberry, Fruit, Grapefruit and Icy purple sweet potato flavor impressions. This time we shared some other flavor reviews, like Mango, Ludou Ice, Lemon Tea, and Classic Tobacco.

Let’s Share Your RELX Flavours Reviews! | Vapepenzone

Let’s Share Your RELX Flavours Reviews!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, it’s hard to pick a favorite juice flavor out of all the RELX flavours. Picking Your Device Isn’t the Hardest Part But Is……

So today we’re going to try a few flavors and share our feelings with you, hoping to give you some help when you’re having trouble choosing a flavor. Here we go!

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