Relx vs Caliburn, Which Is Better? | Vapepenzone

Relx vs Caliburn, Which Is Better?

Today we would like to share a quick and simple review of two pod devices that I’ve picked up the past couple of days. Relx vs Uwell, you know now available in the Australia market and very popular.

I tried vaping before but unfortunately, when I tried the favorite juice of mine it doesn’t seem to be the same thing anymore you know, I use profile unity, I use a profile mesh, RDA, I tried the coils again, but it seems to be very unsatisfying so I did my research found salt nic and pod systems are the closest things that you could ever get smoking a secret.

Relx Flavours Reviews Part 2 | Vapepenzone

Relx Flavours Reviews Part 2

Last month we shared a blog about the taste sharing of Relx pods. If you have difficulty choosing the taste of Relx Pods, please click on the link to review it: Let’s Share Your Flavor Reviews of Relx Pods! The blog contains Mint, Blueberry, Fruit, Grapefruit and Icy purple sweet potato flavor impressions. This time we shared some other flavor reviews, like Mango, Ludou Ice, Lemon Tea, and Classic Tobacco.

Let’s Share Your RELX Flavours Reviews! | Vapepenzone

Let’s Share Your RELX Flavours Reviews!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, it’s hard to pick a favorite juice flavor out of all the RELX flavours. Picking Your Device Isn’t the Hardest Part But Is……

So today we’re going to try a few flavors and share our feelings with you, hoping to give you some help when you’re having trouble choosing a flavor. Here we go!

Relx Alpha Now In Australia - The Strongest Vape Ever | Vapepenzone

Relx Alpha Now In Australia – The Strongest Vape Ever

Today we’re gonna check out the strongest pod system I’ve ever vape done before.

I’m not kidding you on, the device is called the Relx Alpha pod system. And these actually feel like some pretty high-end pod systems, and they have something pretty interesting going on inside the pod that we’re gonna talk about later in the article.

Unbox Review: Juul vs Relx, Which is better? | Vapepenzone

Unbox Review: Juul vs Relx, Which is better?

Most of you have probably heard about Juul by now. Immensely popular.

I bought a Relx, just to check it out. I literally just got it and just unboxed it. I know the only thing in your mind was, what’s the difference between Juul and Relx? Which is better?

So let’s use it for the first time and get some first impressions. Not in any way a comprehensive, long-term review.

Let’s hit it and find out.

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