Nicotine Free E-Liquid: Hot Sale Product Of 2020 In Australia   | VapePenZone

Nicotine Free E-Liquid: Hot Sale Product Of 2020 In Australia  

Nicotine free E-liquid will be the hottest product of 2020 in Australia due to the nicotine prohibition. Ordering nicotine free juice will be the trend in the future. If you are vaper, read this blog. it can help you know how to choose nicotine free e-liquid. If you are smoker, read it. It may be a good chance to quit


How To Get Better flavoured Juice From Refillable Juul Pods? Steep E-Juice!

Steeping e-juice is a usual method amongst several vapers who always fill refillable Juul pods to improve the preference of the e-liquid as well as to guarantee the best vape feasible. There are several approaches of exactly how to steep e-juice; some are sluggish however extra reliable while others are quick. In this overview, we will talk about one of the most popular ones.

In this blog, we will talk about: what is steeping e-juice? And how to get better-flavoured juice from refillable Juul pods?

Top 8 DIY E-Juice Recipes To Fill your Refillable Juul pods | VapePenZone

Top 8 DIY E-Juice Recipes To Fill your Refillable Juul pods

If you use Juul, you may feel that you spend too much on buying Juul pod. So you may turn to e-juice and refillable Juul pods. Actually making juice is easy, It’s time to find out some DIY recipes to craft fantastic e-juice assortments that are going to leave you with locating memories. So today we will share the top 8 DIY e-Juice recipes to fill your refillable Juul pods.

If Your Juul Pods Liquid Is Expired In Hot Australia? | VapePenZone

If Your Juul Pods Liquid Is Expired In Hot Australia?

Hey, how’s it going guys,

today we’re going to be talking about the shelf life of e-juice and your Juul pod liquid.

Alright, as it goes with most consumables on the market, there’s usually an expiration or best-before date.

So that begs the question: Whether or not e-juice & pod has an expiration date?

The short and simple answer is, yes.

How It's Made: E-Liquid! | VapePenZone

How It’s Made: E-Liquid!

As a safer alternative to cigarettes, many smokers turn to vape E-liquid to help them kick the habit. The e-liquid that goes into a vape comes in a variety of different flavors as well as nicotine strengths.

Today we’re gonna go through and share the full process from manufacturing to when it gets bottled and ready for sale.

Vape Pen Or DIY E-juice? | VapePenZone

Vape Pen Or DIY E-juice?

If talking about E-juice,

seriously, many I have forked out good money for (and I have quite a collection from various vendors) is down-right revolting and tastes *nothing* like it’s delicious sounding profile.

Or even if I make my own juice from a DIY menu Shared online, sometimes I still might not be satisfied with the flavor.

I’ve vaped certain flavors with a set profile mentioned…alas…. a totally different taste to which was mentioned on the bottle or package…

DIY Your Own E-juice in 5 Steps | VapePenZone

DIY Your Own E-juice in 5 Steps

Today we’re gonna learn how to make our own e-liquid.

Find a highly-rated recipe online – Buy the necessary materials – Calculate the recipe – Measure our ingredients using the scale that we purchased – Shake the solution very very well

DIY Vape Juice: Share My Lemonade Recipes | VapePenZone

DIY Vape Juice: Share My Lemonade Recipes

There is one that I managed to make on my own which is a nectarine lemonade. Once I get more familiar with the different flavors I’m sure I’ll be able to make plenty more.

I’ll post the lemonade recipe incase anyone wants to give it a try or has any suggestions which are appreciated.

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