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Hello, everyone! Welcome to visit my blog post! As we know, disposable vapes have gradually become a necessity for every vaper. I bet you’ve heard of IGET disposable vape. But what about it and where can you buy it. So let’s find out more about IGET disposable vape. Here we go!

What Is In IGET Vapes?

iget disposable vape

The IGET disposable vape is a pre-infused device with a selection of salt nicotine flavours. Its whole body is made from top-quality aluminium, maintaining the flavours to a high requirement. IGET disposable vapes are offered in two collections, IGET Shion and IGET XXL. Unlike other disposable nicotine vapes around the market, the IGET vape loads 6% nicotine which is 20% higher than the majority of various other vapes on the marketplace. 

Is It Illegal To Sell Vapes In Australia?

Current Australian vaping legislations vary from place to put also. Most importantly, e-cigarettes and also personal vaporizers have been classified as cigarette products in some areas, while other regions describe them as “devices that make vapour for smoking.” They’re commonly marketed as a way to quit cigarette smoking.

Each region has its very own collection of guidelines worrying these classifications where the devices themselves may go through certain registration and safety and security requirements, tax obligations as well as even more.

On top of that, some regions have not classified vaporizers in any way as they are simply the electronic medium whereby vaping is achieved, yet they do not inherently include pure nicotine on their own. But for the products with nicotine that require a nicotine prescription from a medical professional in order to make a purchase. Allow’s to see what some e-cigarette users say concerning this.

iget shion

I’m not 100% sure of the laws anymore but the 1 law that has been in place ever since I started 6ish years ago is the purchase or supply of nicotine in Australia is illegal.

So the units you see at a tobacconist have flavours but no nicotine in them.

I’m sorry if they’ve been helping you to quit but it’s possibly just been a placebo effect… I almost didn’t want to answer lol.

You can purchase a personal supply of nicotine so long as it doesn’t exceed 3 months worth. But you can be fined if you supply it to anyone else

A lot of vapers will order flavoured juice with nicotine from out of Australia or they’ll buy flavoured juice here in Australia and order Nicotine from out of Australia and mix it themselves at home.

By yodeez101 on Reddit

To my knowledge vaping devices are not banned in any state in Aus. (WA clarification required here). Neither is the act of vaping

Nicotine is more complicated and it depends on which state you are in. For example, in QLD it is illegal (under the Health Act) to possess, supply, sell nicotine without a license – supposedly you can get an exemption to possess nicotine from the Health dept. but I have never heard of anyone saying they have one.

Importing nicotine is also complicated, it is classified as a Schedule 7 poison, so technically it is illegal to import. Various interpretations will say that if you can get a prescription from a doctor, then you can import 3 months supply of nicotine, how much is three months supply you may well ask – that amount is never stated cause it is solely going to depend on how much you use.

By Sajem on Reddit
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Where To Buy IGET Disposable Vape?

We know that it is illegal to purchase any e-liquids or e-cigarettes containing nicotine for personal use from any Australian retailer. However, many suppliers are trying to solve this problem by importing e-cigarette products from other countries through legal means for online sales. Our VapePenZone is one of these suppliers. We offer you genuine IGET disposable vape at absolutely competitive prices.

How Much Is A IGET Vape?

If you’re a pack of tailored per day, that’ll be costing you around $250-$300/week based on the ever-increasing price of cigarettes in Australia. In terms of vaping, you can expect to be using around a bottle of liquid every week and a bit, which equates to around $20-$30/week. Yep – it’ll be around 1/10 of the price.

Keep in mind, there are the startup costs of buying the actual vaporiser and replacement components when needed. But still, vaping is nowhere near the cost of smoking cigarettes. Sure, rolling your cigarettes won’t be as expensive as buying pre-rolled, but it still won’t be anywhere near as cheap as switching to vaping instead. In our online store, you can have an IGET disposable vape with 10 different flavours to choose from for under $20!

IGET Disposable Vape Review

IGET disposable vape device vapour is manufactured swiftly and the tool does not delay when in operation. Inhalation resistance holds on as all air enters the device. Getting vapour from the system is extremely simple. Here are some specifications and user perceptions of the IGET vape.

For IGET Shion, it has a battery capacity of 400mAh and have more than 600+ puffs. The specification is below.

Dimensions: 92.4 × 14.5 × 14.5mm.

Capacity: 2.4ml.

Battery Capacity: 400mAh.

Nicotine Strength: 6%

Puffs Per Vape: 600+ puffs.

Mouthpiece thickness: 4.0mm.

Resistance: 2.0 ohm.

For IGET XXL Disposable vape which is made of light SS material & providing comfortable hand feeling. Each device contains a 7ml e-liquid of 50mg nicotine, with a battery of 950mAh to keep the device running up to 1800 puffs.

Dimensions: 114 × 19 × 19mm.

Capacity: 7ml

Nicotine Strength: 5%

Battery Capacity: 950mAh

Puffs Per Vape: 1800+ puffs.

Power: 7-12w

Voltage: 3.7V

iget disposable vape 3

iv tried a lot of hqd/iget/vaporlax. For me, the hqd flavour was much more rich and sweet.. especially ice lychee. But a lot of my customers like iget over hqd.

By Side_Lanky on Reddit

Bloody amazing flavours and heaps delicious and affordable the delivery is super quick. They also last very long. Thanks iget for these amazing vapes.

By MrChaoticPlayz on Google

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